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Yamaha Dirt Bikes: History and Review

The history of Yamaha dirt bikes began way back before your old man was just a twinkle in his ol’ man’s eye. The Yamaha Corporation was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha. They originally built pianos, then over the years branched out into a wide range of products including all types […]

Youtube Dirt Bike Vids

These various Youtube dirt bike vids are a collection of films I’ve personally put together from scratch. Some of them are from motocross events and practice tracks, others were shot from some pretty cool, natural locations around New Zealand. Most of the freeriding films are of me and my mates […]

What 2 Stroke Fuel Ratios Should You Use?

Mixing 2 stroke fuel ratios for dirt bikes (premix) can be a royal pain in the jaxi, and more annoying than having to listen to Britney Spears on the office radio. However, it’s essential for two bangers and it’s something you need to do correctly or you’ll damage or even […]

Dirt Bike Advertising

Do you operate a business related to dirt bikes? By advertising on DBP you can have a laser-targeted audience of dirt bike fanatics directed straight to your products or services. This website has been running since December 2006 and has steadily increased in traffic numbers since, and it shows no […]

Husqvarna Dirt Bikes And Their History

Husqvarna dirt bikes (or more commonly known as Huskys) came into production in 1903, in a place called (strangely enough) Huskvarna, in Sweden. Long before their dirt bikes began rolling out, Husqvarna had been supplying the Swedish Army with rifles – since 1689 to be precise. They then began producing bicycles […]