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Ricky Carmichael: Dirt bike legend

How did Ricky Carmichael manage to completely dominate motocross and Supercross to the point where he was given the nickname G.O.A.T? I can tell you it’s not because he resembles one, or even sounds like one, and it has nothing to do with his Ginger hair. It stands for Greatest […]

Ronnie Renner: The good life

Being a Christian, Ronnie Renner isn’t your average ‘bad ass’ freestyle motocrosser. He got into riding dirt bikes at age four thanks to his Dad who also raced motocross. He turned pro at seventeen (1997), racing the MX circuit, then discovered a passion for FMX – becoming a pro at […]

Dirt Bike Sand Riding Tips & Techniques

Believe it or not, some people don’t enjoy sand riding. I never used to myself, but that was only because I lacked confidence. Once you begin applying the right techniques and spend some time in the dunes, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother and faster you will be. And […]

Dirt Bike Tips And Pics Site Search

Feeling a bit lost? Can’t remember where you read that info. on the future of two strokes? Where the heck is that page on how to change your brake pads?! Use this handy search engine to find anything there is to be found on Dirt Bike Tips & Pics. Simply […]

Suzuki Dirt Bikes – History & Where They Are Today

We are all familiar with the outstanding range of Suzuki dirt bikes that the Suzuki Motor Corporation produce these days. But, did you know they also produce ATV’s, boat engines, light trucks, wheelchairs and a whole stack of other small engine powered products? Here’s the story of how your modern […]