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Suzuki Dirt Bikes – History & Where They Are Today

We are all familiar with the outstanding range of Suzuki dirt bikes that the Suzuki Motor Corporation produce these days. But, did you know they also produce ATV’s, boat engines, light trucks, wheelchairs and a whole stack of other small engine powered products? Here’s the story of how your modern […]

The Experimental Motorcycle Association

The Experimental Motorcycle Association is the continuation of “the future of two strokes” page by Tim Hickox. This delves much deeper into the actual design concepts and potential of two stroke engines in relation to dirt bikes and other motorcycles. So sit back, take it in, and open your mind up […]

TM Dirt Bikes: A brief history

Unlike the ‘Big 4’ Japanese bike manufacturers, TM dirt bikes have only been around for a relatively short time. This is probably one of the reasons why many dirt bike riders have never heard of them. But that is slowly changing… TM motorcycles are born and bred Italian Stallions that […]

Travis Pastrana: 199 Lives

The lifestyle and mind boggling antics of Travis Pastrana as we know it. Travis began riding motorcycles at 4 years old and is now quite possibly the most famous person ever to have mounted a dirt bike. Travis Alan Pastrana has stunned, shocked and wowed his name into the households […]

Used Dirt Bike Checklist

Print off this used dirt bike checklist and take it with you when trying to find your next bike. It may just save you from purchasing a lemon. Check the obvious things like broken plastics, a torn seat cover, bent handle bars, worn tires, broken clutch and brake levers, and […]

What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

I am often asked “which” or.. “what dirt bike should I buy/get?” Usually, that’s followed by very little information about what style of riding you want to be doing, your experience level, size etc. So with your questions in mind, and in an attempt to deflect a number of emails […]