Dirt Bike Boots: They’re Not All Designed Equally.

Dirt bike boots form an essential part of riding safety and should be right near the top of your ‘must have list’. Your feet, ankles and lower legs take on huge loads of pressure at times and can be smashed to pieces in a matter of seconds by other riders plowing into you, catching on ruts and logs, over-jumping and of course crashing.

Unfortunately, even with proper protection you’re not guaranteed you won’t be injured, however your chances of being able to walk away on both feet will be greatly improved. My brother knows all about it.. He was testing a new jump on a motocross track they had just built. He over-jumped, missed the down-ramp and compressed hard on landing. He wound up in hospital with plates and pins in his left ankle after it blew out – even with boots on. No riding for Limpy for 6 months! If you ride without quality boot protection though, these types of injuries can occur from minor mishaps. Seriously, it ain’t worth the risk!

When it comes to buying a new pair of dirt bike boots, make sure they fit your feet correctly and they are comfortable. There are a whole heap of different styles and brands out there. Many have all the ‘bells and whistles’ but if you have feet like a hobbit and the best looking boots on the rack give you nothing but pain and discomfort.. don’t buy them! You may have to try on a number of different styles before you find the right dirt bike boots for you, but taking the time to do this will reward you with pain-free riding.

Some Features of Modern MX Boots:

  • Comfortable interior ankle padding.
  • Reinforced leather plates running along the back of the boot.
  • Full leather uppers.
  • Aluminium quick release buckles.
  • Curved plastic or composite shin plates.
  • High grip rubber outside soles with steel inner plates.
  • Inners/linings that prevent water entry.
  • Plate guards for the inner and outer toe-box area.

As with my recommendations on buying a motocross helmet – When purchasing from the internet see if you can try on the exact pair of boots first to get the right fit. Not every boot is cut the same and therefore some will provide more comfort than others. Riding for hours in boots that cut into your feet and cause blisters sucks and will have you whining like a British school girl, so make sure you buy the right ones!

Maintaining & Getting The Most Out Of Your MX Boots..

Here are a few tricks to help stretch the time between purchasing new boots..

  • Clean ’em after each ride and dry them out (in the hot water cylinder cupboard if necessary). Leaving them in the back of your shed wet and covered in mud will prematurely weaken the integrity of the boot. And once boots become loose and flimsy they offer about as much protection as a chihuahua guarding an ice cream truck from a horde of 8 year olds on a spanking hot day.
  • When not in use clip the buckles in place to prevent them from getting damaged while bouncing around in the back of your truck.
  • Avoid leaving them in the sun during summer. Extended periods of direct sunlight will crispy that leather up like bacon strips in a fry pan.
  • Don’t let your big-footed mates use ’em. Tell them you have a terrible fungal foot infection that just won’t go away.

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