Dirt Bike Tips

Squad Swimming For MX Training

I found the quickest way to get “cardio” fit was to join a swimming squad. The coach on the side of the pool structures the session – and any swimming coach worth his/her salt will devote some of the squad swimming to hypoxic training. This is when you experience an […]

Motocross Fitness Tips To Get You Bike-Fit

So you want to improve your motocross fitness? That can definitely be done with the right knowledge and health/fitness program, but with so many motocross fitness programs and products out there today where do you start? And which one is right for you? A good place to begin is with the […]

Dirt Bike Sand Riding Tips & Techniques

Believe it or not, some people don’t enjoy sand riding. I never used to myself, but that was only because I lacked confidence. Once you begin applying the right techniques and spend some time in the dunes, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother and faster you will be. And […]