Dirt Bike Tips

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas

If riding your dirt bike on rough terrain and at tracks just doesn’t fulfill your insatiable need to ride on your favorite dirt bike, you probably have thought about what it takes to make your dirt bike street legal. Unfortunately, every state has different laws about dirt bike street legality. […]

Who Invented the Dirt Bike?

Have you ever been having the time of your life riding your dirt bike and silently thanked the genius who first thought of this awesome hobby? If you’ve ever wondered who invented the dirt bike, this is the article for you! Some historians say that Soichiro Honda is the inventor […]

Dirt Bike Security Tips

Dirt bike security can be achieved with little effort. You don’t have to create a 6 inch thick, armor plated vault to keep your bike safe. Many people pay little more than a passing thought to motorcycle security because they falsely believe it will cost too much, and require a […]