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Share Some Dirt Bike Photos!

You can upload your very own dirt bike photos right here onto! If you are young and looking for sponsorship, or wanting to get your name out there, why not show us what you can do and leave a brief description of yourself and your email addy. Even if you […]

Dirt Bike and Motocross Pictures

This section is designed for your viewing pleasure. There’s more than enough dirt bike pictures here to make your hands and feet twitch with anticipation for that next ride… so, if your two-wheeled thrasher has blown a piston and is as rideable as a leg-less pony, I suggest you look […]

Want A Free Dirt Bike Screensaver?

“Jim, I really appreciate the screensaver, I could stare at that thing for hours.“ Ryan Hilton “Thanks heaps for the screensaver mate! I love it.“ Matty J Australia “Awesome pictures Hayden.  Gotta drag myself away from the computer screen sometimes… Thanks!” R.J Colorado This dirt bike screensaver will definitely make your mates jealous! […]

Erzberg Rodeo Hare Scramble

The Erzberg Rodeo has been hailed as the toughest one day enduro in the world. And when you hold a race where less than 2% of the competitors actually make it to the finish line, it becomes easy to understand why. Beginning in 1995, every year up to around 1700 […]

FIM Junior World Motocross Championships

For the first time in history, the FIM Junior World Motocross Championship was held outside of Europe… all the way down here in New Zealand! So, living only 4 hours drive away how could I possibly stay at home when the hottest young MX riders from around the world were […]