Beginner Tips

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Teenagers

We have compiled the Top Six best dirt bikes for teenagers who are just beginning their dirt bike journeys. Each dirt bike is picked based upon the size, reliability, look, performance, and other additional features. The reason for this criteria is in order to assist teenagers in picking a dirt […]

Best Dirt Bike Helmets for an 8-Year-Old

It’s important for adult dirt bikers to wear good, quality helmets that will protect them while riding, so why would it be any different for kids? In order for kids to have the most fun while dirt biking, it’s important that they are properly protected. YEMA Motocross Youth Kids Helmet […]

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women

As a female dirt biker, I often have women approach me to ask for beginner dirt biking advice. People ask me what I think or know about anything from the best riding gear to what motors are best for X, Y, or Z situation. This is my list of the […]

How Fast Does an Electric Razor Dirt Bike Go?

When my nephew found out that his favorite aunt (that’s me) was a dirt biker, his parents couldn’t get him to stop talking about getting a dirt bike. My sister was worried that any dirt bike would be too fast for her small preteen, but my brother-in-law joked that any […]