Author: Jim Harmer

The Giant Guide to the Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

Getting into the world of dirt bikes can seem intimidating. Searching the web for dirt bikes can give you results on dirt bikes, motorcycles, electric “e-bikes”, pit bikes, trail bikes, and more. The polished bikes, roaring engines, and the promising of thrilling races and untouched mountain trails in the advertisements […]

Best Dirt Bike Tires for Rocky Terrain

Each brand of dirt bike tire comes with pros and cons, and it can be difficult to find a tire brand that fits your dirt bike and the terrain you wish to explore. Below are the top six tires to choose from for the ultimate rocky ride. The best dirt […]

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Wide Feet

Quality dirt bike boots are a must for any dirt bike rider, whether you are a beginner or an old-timer. Besides quality and protection, the comfort that these bikes offer is crucial, but this can be especially difficult for those of us who have wide feet. I should know. The […]

7 Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Hot Weather

I lived in Southern Utah for fourteen years, so I know what’s it’s like to be living life in a hot desert. The average temperatures in the Summer months are anywhere between 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8-46.1 degrees Celsius), but that doesn’t stop any true dirt bike riders from going out […]