Author: Jim Harmer

Dirt Bike and Motocross Pictures

This section is designed for your viewing pleasure. There’s more than enough dirt bike pictures here to make your hands and feet twitch with anticipation for that next ride… so, if your two-wheeled thrasher has blown a piston and is as rideable as a leg-less pony, I suggest you look […]

Dirt Bike Rims: They’re not all created equal!

Dirt bike rims… what should you know about them? What do you look for when you’re checking them for faults? How do you maintain them? And what are the better brands? Not all rims are designed equally. They come in various sizes, colors, and strengths. Most production bikes these days […]

Want A Free Dirt Bike Screensaver?

“Jim, I really appreciate the screensaver, I could stare at that thing for hours.“ Ryan Hilton “Thanks heaps for the screensaver mate! I love it.“ Matty J Australia “Awesome pictures Hayden.  Gotta drag myself away from the computer screen sometimes… Thanks!” R.J Colorado This dirt bike screensaver will definitely make your mates jealous! […]

Dirt Bike Suspension and How to Adjust It

Taking the time to play around with your dirt bike suspension settings can dramatically alter the handling and performance of your bike over different terrain. Today’s modern bikes come with adjustable suspension that is set up so any monkey can throw a screwdriver or spanner at it, and make a […]

Dirt Bike Trailers: Read this before you buy.

Thinking about buying or building a dirt bike trailer? This information might steer you in the right direction and help you avoid buying a lemon or something unsuitable. There are many different designs available depending on your needs and budget. So if you can’t afford a truck and trailer unit, […]