Author: Jim Harmer

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Ankle Support

Dirt bike riding is probably one of the most exhilarating sports out there; But as we all know, it can be a little hazardous, especially on the weaker parts of the body like ankles. The biggest thing you can do to protect your ankles is to get yourself a good, […]

Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Adult Women

Compiled below is a list of helmets that will not only perform exceptionally well but will be for any and all types of comfort and conditions for all kinds of women. Each of these helmets has a certain look and fit that is ideal for every dirt bike riding woman. […]

Best Dirt Bike Helmets for a 10-Year-Old

Being a ten-year-old can be tough, or so my little sister tells me. The thing is that ten-year-olds are right between being a little kid and adolescence, but they’re not quite in either group; they’re in the tweens. But no matter the age, it’s still important for any dirt bike […]