Author: Ricky Kesler

Brian Deegan – The General

Freestyle motocross pioneer, legend, superstar… call him what you will but Brian Deegan – AKA “The General” – has earned all of the above titles through the school of hard knocks, a rebellious youth and sheer determination. If you were riding dirt bikes in the early 2000’s onwards you would […]

KTM Dirt Bikes – History And 2015 Bike Reviews

KTM dirt bikes have become a competitive force not only in the enduro and trail scene, but also around the motocross track. Before the 2000’s this wasn’t the case in the American motocross world. However unlike their four main Japanese competitors (in MX & SX), KTM originates from Austria in […]

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes – History And 2015 Bike Reviews

Today’s lineup of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes are the result of the foresight, dedication and commitment of an incredible company. It was 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki established the company dedicated to ship building. To this day ship building is still its main trade. As with the other major bike manufacturers, Kawasaki never began […]

Husaberg Dirt Bikes And A Bit Of History

The Swedish born range of big bore Husaberg dirt bikes came from a somewhat inauspicious beginning. In February 1988 a small gathering of interested and important people sat anxiously, sipping champagne awaiting the unveiling of the first race-bred Husaberg FE501 – the creation of a few former engineers from Husqvarna […]