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7 Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Hot Weather

I lived in Southern Utah for fourteen years, so I know what’s it’s like to be living life in a hot desert. The average temperatures in the Summer months are anywhere between 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8-46.1 degrees Celsius), but that doesn’t stop any true dirt bike riders from going out […]

Where is the VIN Number on a Dirt Bike?

Though it may seem like a simple question, and certainly a simple answer to follow, it is important to know where the VIN number is on your dirt bike, as it is helpful in identifying important information for you as the rider, as well as anyone needing to know how […]

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Teenagers

We have compiled the Top Six best dirt bikes for teenagers who are just beginning their dirt bike journeys. Each dirt bike is picked based upon the size, reliability, look, performance, and other additional features. The reason for this criteria is in order to assist teenagers in picking a dirt […]